Born in sunny San Diego on February 4th, 1990, Shawn Rude is a rap artist who has garnered over 1 million streams across his music and videos. His early exposure to music through his father’s studio sessions led him to take rap seriously in his early twenties. Shawn’s debut, “Rude Awakening,” released in 2011, marked his initial footprint in the music industry. Following a collaborative album with West West, “All Work No Sleep,” and overcoming a setback during a prison sentence, Shawn surged back into the music scene. He’s known for his collaborations with notable artists like Mozzy, Mike Sherm, Yatta, and others. With a focus on uniting the San Diego music community and an expanding portfolio that includes acting, Shawn Rude’s story is one of resilience and ambition.

“It’s a two way street – nighas hate or nighas show love –
How can these nighas hate me , when I’m only showing love”